What Goes Best With Duck

What Goes Best With Duck

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You have that perfect roasted duck recipes on the mind, if not check, how to cook roasted whole duck. Now that you have it for the perfect dinner for friends and family or is it that perfect date night when you wanted to impress your cooking skills. Whatever the reason, you want that perfect pairing for duck because you know that ducks are lifted beautifully with the right pairings, a side dish that enhances the savour of duck meat and the rightly chosen wine is the key to a sophisticated dinner just as you planned.

Duck meat is tender and sweet meat that versatile like no other meat. Unlike turkey or chicken, there’s a lot of meat on the bones. The best side dishes for duck are based on vegetables and best accompanied by sour and sweet gravy or a fruit-based sauce that will lift the earthy flavours of the gamey duck meat. Now we can discuss what are some great but simple sides that life your duck beautiful in your pallets.


Cabbage is an obvious choice of the side because it been a pairing used with duck for 100s of years in China even before the Europeans had begun to domesticate ducks. You prepare your cabbage by chopping your cabbage really fine like for a coleslaw. Put a large pan on the heat with some sort of fat, preferably duck fat but if you don’t have to feel free to use butter and colour your cabbage until it’s soft. Then add a few drops of water to cook the cabbage well. That’s a beautiful but really simple side that goes perfectly with your duck.

Mashed potatoes with caramelized onions

Mashed potatoes with caramelized onions are a sweet and flavoured side dish, ideal for the duck. Prepare the mashed potatoes as you normally do. Cut the onions in slices and put them in a hot pan with olive oil, stirring continuously. In about 20 minutes, the onions will become soft and caramelized. The combination of the mash potatoes, caramelized onions are another lifting experience with duck meat.

Roast vegetables

For another ideal pairing, with some kind of fruit glaze or sauce, maybe pomegranate or guava will be roast vegetables that are also similarly roast in excess of the duck fat that you almost find which would play up the sweet and thickly layered elements in the duck while balancing that with some interesting secondary notes in the background.

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