Five Great Benefits of Vacuum Packaging

Five Great Benefits of Vacuum Packaging

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Vacuum packaging is an efficient way to package various products. This modified atmosphere packaging is used to preserve food.

Vacuum sealers having varying requirements and prices usually according to production levels that machine sizes. If you want to reduce your frustration the road, you want to determine projected production and levels and product sizes before you buy a vacuum packaging machine. Also, it’s essential to consider the gas flush, which works by injecting an inert gas into the sealed packagein order to help expand shelf life.

Here are some of the benefits of vacuum packaging that make it a go-to option to preserve their food:

Extend the Shelf Life of Food

According to some studies, vacuum packaging can increase a food’s life by up to 400 percent. In order to increase product shelf life, it’s essential to identify the ideal atmosphere within the product’s packaging. This could include decreasing the oxygen to ideal levels or introducing inert gas. Also, vacuum packaging has been a preferred option to preserve products that will be stored in the freezer for a long time. Proper vacuum bags can significantly minimize freezer burn. Vacuum packaging has been proven to be a great option to package meat storage. This benefit of vacuum packaging will, in turn, reduce product loss.

Protect Products from External Elements

Vacuum bags are usually 3-mil thick but others can be up to 8-mil thick. Vacuum packaging can protect products from external elements such as moisture, dust and insects which are likely to harm or damage them. Also, vacuum packaging is a good barrier to protect against freezer when products are stored in the freezer for a long term.

Preserve Product Flavors

When it comes to meat curing, wet aging meats have been a famous option. Usually, this involves using natural juices from the meat with flavors and spices sealed to lock in flavors while the curing process is ongoing.

Ensure Good Product Presentation

The majority of vacuum bags are clear, letting products within them to be displayed on shelves. With vacuum packaging, products will be shelf-ready with the application of a brand’s custom printed sticker.

Offer Several Packaging Options

There are a lot of options available for vacuum sealing materials. Users can purchase bags or film rolls to seal products. Options to choose from include foil-lined, easy-open tear notches and reclosable zippers. But, depending on a user’s preference, there are many more packaging options they can pick from in the market.

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